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Witches of Frostwyck: Session #11

The adventure continues! Last time, our heroes met with the witch-lord Dama Zhadna and learned how to escape from Frostwyck, discovered the true nature of the one-eyed thieves and their many-eyed master, and then accidentally turned most of the villagers of … Continue reading

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Homebrew: Ghost race for 5e

Lately I seem to waffle between wanting to play really vanilla race/class combos (hello, human fighter!) and the most unconventional things I can imagine. I’m hung up on ideas about undead player characters right now, mostly inspired from too much … Continue reading

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Dungeon Age stories series #1: Wizard

So, I am writing my new book, but it’s a little different from previous books. This one still has main characters and a main story, but I’m writing the book as a collection of short stories so you get to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Age short story: “Ghost”

(This is the third story in the series. Previous: “Dusteater“. Next: “Paladin“.) Jude floated above his skull. He always floated above his skull, unable to drift more than an arm’s length from the brown, spotted bone. Not that he had … Continue reading

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