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Session Report: Ragged Hollow Nightmare #3

In this session of Ragged Hollow Nightmare, the nightmare begins! Thanks to the global pandemic, we played online for the first time. Everyone called in via Discord, which worked great. I displayed the area maps in a “maps” channel, and … Continue reading

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Dungeon Age stories series #1: Wizard

So, I am writing my new book, but it’s a little different from previous books. This one still has main characters and a main story, but I’m writing the book as a collection of short stories so you get to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Age short story: “Paladin”

(This is story #4. Previous: “Ghost“. Next: “Outlaw“.) “We’re all gonna die!” Amos grabbed the young soldier and hauled him back toward the flickering torch. “No, we’re not. Now run, for Gideon’s sake!” The soldier scrambled back up the steep … Continue reading

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