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Dungeon Age series

Welcome to a classic sword-and-sorcery world of wizards, warriors, and monsters inspired by my favorite pulp fantasy adventures, such as Vance’s Dying Earth saga, Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, Lieber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone. Can a weary band of desperate strangers survive burning deserts, toxic swamps, and lost underworlds plagued by demons and ancient horrors?

Elf Saga series

Discover the world of Vaenos, where dragons are weapons of mass destruction, faeries are pests, mermaids are monsters, and everyone has long pointy ears! This epic series spans four generations of women across a century of chaos, war, plague, revolution, and every other crisis imaginable. But it’s funny. With heroines inspired by historical warriors and leaders from around the real world, this modern twist on old-school fantasy mashes up classics like Lord of the Rings with the funny, sexy, self-aware style of Supernatural, Buffy, Archer, and Rat Queens. [ ]

Aetherium series

Seven novels and one novella telling the tales of men and women from around the world, battling assassins and demons, saving innocents from monsters and plagues, seeking out lost truths, and unraveling a mystery thousands of years old – the secrets of the immortals and their precious Aetherium. Welcome to a fantastical world where strange machines sail the seas and the skies, enormous prehistoric beasts roam the earth, and the restless dead whisper to the living.

Angels and Djinn series

In a world of living angels, demons, and djinn, humanity’s only hope for peace and survival are the holy magi, the warriors and sages blessed by the angels to wield divine power. Inspired by Middle Eastern and East African history and mythology, this series explores the lives of two young men forced to become extraordinary heroes when all they want is to live ordinary lives.

Zelda Pryce series

Young inventor Zelda Pryce travels the world with her arcane devices (don’t call them magical!) to chase down thieves, uncover dangerous conspiracies, and confront the most powerful beings in the world. From her home in Washington DC, through the capitals of Europe, across Siberia and Africa, to the ends of the Earth, Zelda proves that a sharp mind and a few good friends can solve any mystery.

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