Dungeon Age stories series #1: Wizard

So, I am writing my new book, but it’s a little different from previous books. This one still has main characters and a main story, but I’m writing the book as a collection of short stories so you get to experience the plot from about 20 different points of view, and we explore some of the strangeness of this world from new perspectives.

The first sequence of the book centers on the wizard Malachi Draas. You might remember him from Beneath the Dying Land as the wizard who accidentally opened a few hellmouths in his search for the World Within and the road to the Cradle of Life. The new book opens with five stories about him and the people in his orbit as he begins his descent into the World Within.

#1 – Wizard. Malachi escapes from Sahar and wanders the desert alone.

#2 – Dusteater. A desert hermit has her first human encounter in years with the wizard.

#3 – Ghost. A dead man implores the wizard for help.

#4 – Paladin. A young warrior seeks justice for everyone the wizard has killed.

#5 – Outlaw. A thief tries to rob the wizard using his nightmares against him.

The next sequence of the book, Witch, will be along soon.

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