Upcoming Dungeon Age adventures

I have fallen into a trap.

I have started too many projects.

The bad news is that this is slowing me down. The good news is that I’m going to finish all of them. Eventually.

In no particular order, here they are:

Orbital Vampire City. The “sequel” to Orbital Vampire Tower, this urban campaign setting is an entire city full of vampires, in space. There are over 40 detailed locations so far, various mutant vampires, sad aliens, monstrous aliens, weird aliens, vampire hunters, giant vampire mecha for fighting star dragons, and a star dragon. Probably coming this year.

Rogues of Carcassay. A sprawling, filthy city (sandbox campaign setting) of dungeoneers, alchemists, oracles, mercenaries, horror cults, zealous crusaders, warring wealthy Houses, reclusive Corpse Lords, insane hermits, and all manners of creatures spread across a hundred locations. We played in (and under) Carcassay for months and had countless bizarre plots and discoveries and battles. Maybe coming this year.

Six Essential Classes for 5E. I have designed and am currently testing six simplified classes for 5E. These are the Berserker, Hunter, Mercenary, Necromancer, Priest, and Witch. Each is built around a Core Ability, and all of the rules for each fit onto 2 pages (no spells). The idea behind each one is to give a player a very thematic and unique character that is also very easy to learn and run, with no mechanical decisions to make, just flavor options. For instance, the Berserker is a shapeshifter (you choose the creatures) and the Priest can invoke Plagues (you choose the vermin or material), but at each level, the range or power is clearly stated. Obviously, these classes are not for everyone, just folks who want something simpler to run. Probably coming soon.

The Dungeon Age Roleplaying Game. Yes, the long-rumored gaming system that I keep mentioning may actually come to light! Playtesting with both adults and kids continues to go well. What is it? I mean, basically it is a stripped down version of Dungeon World. No moves, just rolls and player creativity, three stats, and 2d6. It’s not for everyone, but everyone I play it with seems to have a great time. Probably coming this year.

Secrets of the Silt Sea. A seafaring campaign setting with adaptive, evolving island mechanics so that every game’s version of the Silt Sea is unique. A misty world of giant crustaceans and crocodilians. Probably coming later.

Gunwitches and Gilaraptors. A grasslands campaign setting of ruined cities and roving dinosaurs, and undead. Partly inspired by North American cryptids and legends. Probably coming later.

That’s all! Did anything catch your eye? Anything sound good?

Recent Dungeon Age adventures:

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Weekend sale: 13 Weird One-Shots

Like it says on the tin, this weekend there is a sale on 13 Weird One-Shots. The price is reduced to $5.99! Get it while it’s hot!

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NEW: Battle for Carrion Vale

There is a new Dungeon Age adventure available on DriveThruRPG today in both 5E and OSE formats! Go check out Battle for Carrion Vale. It’s grim. It’s dark. It’s gritty. It’s…grimdarkgritty.

“This morning, the forces of Law and Chaos clashed at Castle Yennagor. The battle raged all day, but as darkness fell, a cataclysmic explosion destroyed most of the castle and leveled both armies. Now, as night claims the vale, flickers of life return. Survivors make camp, flee the field, or continue the fight. Scavengers creep over the dead. And one question remains unanswered: what happened inside the castle?”

This is a dark sandbox adventure. Players take the role of battlefield survivors. They can choose which side they are on (or neither), and they can choose their goal, such as to escape the field with their lives, to plunder the dead, or to reach the castle and finish the mission.

The map is a sort of point-crawl with 30 locations. It looks like this:

You can show the map to your players because the Location names only describe what the PCs can see or hear as they move about the battlefield. If the PCs travel along the dotted paths, they can move quickly and safely. If they choose to move across the wilderness (off the paths), then they take longer to move and roll for a Random Encounter with one of the factions of Law and Chaos that are roaming around the valley.


There are 30.

At each Location, the players can Search the battlefield for supplies. There is d66 table of things they can find, which include all sorts of useful or ruined weapons and armor, medical supplies and food, gravedigging gear, magical items, and lost animals.

Also at each Location are the actual battlefield wreckage and survivors that make up the encounter, including magicians casting spells, war-mounts dying in the mud, eldritch visitors from the stars and the future, thieves looting the dead, monsters eating the dead, necromancers recycling the dead, warriors adding to the dead, and lots more dead.

I told you this is a grimdarkgritty adventure.


The Army of Law has brought the Silveri soldiers, who are your all-purpose good guys who just want to do the right thing. They aren’t very strong, but there are a lot of them. Law has also brought the Crusaders of Virune, who are extremely passionate about killing the forces of Chaos. Be careful around them.

The Army of Chaos has hired Jassinar mercenaries, who don’t care about cosmic politics at all but they are definitely worth their high price. Chaos also hired the Tharite corsairs, flamboyant desert pirates who are less than reliable. Chaos also tricked the Ngadi rangers into helping out.

Of course, lots of other people are here in Carrion Vale who have no allegiances. Watch out for the Plague Warriors, the Thieves Militant, the Last Folk, and three horrible old women, to name just a few.


There are 70+ new magic items in this adventure, including weapons of Law and Chaos, specialized gear for rangers and assassins, hideous devices of bone and iron, unusual musical instruments, and a very dangerous bile sac.

There are 30+ new monsters and creatures in this adventure, including a wide variety of wizards and warriors, vampires and werewolves, aberrations, undead, and some very sad little demons who might have been watching Voltron and gotten some strange ideas.

Battle for Carrion Vale

Check out Battle for Carrion Vale on DTRPG, and let me know what you think about it.

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On Sale: “13 Weird One-Shots”

13 Weird One-Shots on DriveThruRPG

Hey everyone, I made a thing! The question is, should I try to sound like a well-established professional or a friendly go-it-alone artist? (seriously, I don’t know anymore)

Option 1: Dungeon Age Adventures is proud to announce the release of “13 Weird One-Shots“, a collection of tightly written and beautifully illustrated dungeon delves and mysterious investigations spanning 93 unique locations, 69 original magic items and treasures, and 71 all-new deadly monsters. Available in separate modern (5e) and old school (OSE) formats.

Option 2: Hey, everyone! After months of writing, drawing, and playtesting, I can finally announce that “13 Weird One-Shots” is now available on DTRPG. I had a ton of fun creating these one-shots, and my players had a blast running through them using a couple of different systems. It has tons of new monsters and treasures, plus saintly shrines, eldritch altars, and weirding water. There is something for everyone in this collection.

Here’s the Table of Contents (adventure titles):

  1. Mindless Fun
  2. There Might Be Giants
  3. Make Love Not Spores
  4. Diamonds for the Axing
  5. Drowning in Gold
  6. Snakes on the Plains
  7. Burning Desire
  8. Copper Crow Champions
  9. Poison Blooms Eternal
  10. Shock and Claw
  11. Fatal Family Feud
  12. Handsome Ransom
  13. Nightmares in Brass

I don’t know, take your pick. At this point, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just not very good at shilling my stuff. Either way, check out some of the art I did:

The Galvanic Drake
The Jellyshark
The Red Adder Priest

I hope you’ll check it out: 13 Weird One-Shots on DriveThruRPG

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“Star Dragon Rage” campaign now for OSE

Contrary to what you may have heard or what I may have said… Star Dragon Rage is now available for OSE as well as 5e.

Going forward, it is my intent to create an OSE and a 5e version for each product, which will definitely include the upcoming “13 Weird One-Shots” early next year.

Check out all the Dungeon Age adventures on DriveThruRPG.

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New adventure “Star Dragon Rage” now on DTRPG

As promised, here it is:

Star Dragon Rage is a new 5e campaign for low-level (or Tier 1) play.

Adventurers begin in the lovely little village of Kettle, where the problems seem fairly mundane and manageable. Although the lake is very hot. And there is some very large wildlife. But then the cemetery erupts! People and creatures from a vast subterranean realm come flooding up from below, telling tales of an ancient metropolis buried beneath the lake, full of riches and magical treasures… and full of mad mutants and raging dragons, which are also coming up!

Unless the adventurers do something about it, of course.

Teasers: Mutant nobles, snail racing, living saints, sad wizards, dragon worshippers, doomsday triggers, tombs full of traps, mechanical refugees, and angry teens! Oh yeah, and dragons from outer space.

Product details:

  • 60 pages of three-column content
  • Over 50 detailed locations, including a quaint village and wilderness, and then the underground village, the ancient dying city, its gloomy and mysterious under-city, and the variously dusty and volcanic caves around them
  • Over 50 original creatures and stat blocks
  • Dozens of original treasures and magic items
  • Overview maps of each area
  • Minor illustrations


How long does this play?

If you try to run through this in a linear style, then maybe 6-8 sessions. But the campaign is designed to reward recursive exploration, like a Metroidvania-style game. You can “unlock” features and items! For players who want to “find all the things”, expect about 20 sessions or more.

How was the playtesting?

Fantastic! The players loved getting to know the village of Kettle, and then discovering the vast regions underground. In fact, the playtesters got so involved in trying to help everyone they met, that the campaign ran very, very long.

Is this campaign only formatted for 5e?

Yes. Usually my adventures come in both a modern and an old-school version. But this one will not. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed with projects right now and I need to move forward. Thank you for understanding!

Check out Star Dragon Rage on DriveThruRPG

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Coming soon: Star Dragon Rage

So. Last winter, in the middle of my campaign Witches of Frostwell, and its probably-never-to-be-published sequel, Fangs of Vulgoth, I also wrote another campaign… Star Dragon Rage. I put this last one on the shelf until there was a chance to playtest. Then edit. And illustrate. And now it is done!

I know, I know, I’m still wrapping up the playtesting on 13 Weird One-Shots, that’s coming. Soon. Just not as soon as this:

What is it? Exactly?

Star Dragon Rage is for low-to-mid Tier play. So you can start at Level 1 and continue up past Level 5. You start in the quaint little village of Kettle on the shores of a burning hot lake, doing helpful little quests for the locals and slowly improving the village itself. Then you discover a massive cave system under the village, with another village, and a decadent dying city, and a nether-city, and more caves… It’s a lot. Plus, it is designed to be recursive. Players are rewarded for going back and “finding all the things”.

For instance, if you find the village smith’s master tools, then he can make you any regular weapon or armor. If you bring him exotic materials, then he can make exotic magical items. There’s a nun who makes magical broth from bones, so you might want to keep bringing her the bones of the things you kill. There are mutants, plague victims, dragon worshippers, blind opera singers, snail racers, undead knights, insane cultists, and angry teens.

Plus dragons. Space dragons. With solar-sail wings and laser-eye-gems. And they are miffed.

Coming very soon!

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I’m working on a big thing: 13 Weird One-Shots

I didn’t mean to write a Big Thing, but I did. Actually, it’s a bunch of little things masquerading as a Big Thing…

It is a collection of 13 one-shots for low-level (3) play. Each one has been expertly crushed down to fit on just two (!) pages (plus a page of treasure and 1-2 pages of monster stats), and they each play for 2-4 hours. You can run them as one-shots, or drop them into your campaign as side-quests. Quick and easy to run, zero prep, lots of weird.

Each adventure has at least 7 encounters, with NPCs, traps, treasures, etc. There are over 60 original magic items and weapons, and about 70 original monsters. There are also Saintly Shrines, Eldritch Altars, and Weirding Waters. (What are those? You’ll find out…)

It will be in two formats, for Old School Essentials (OSE) and for Fifth Edition (5E).

Plus, it has illustrations. By me. Like this Frostback Gorilla:

It felt great to be drawing again. I think recent influences include Mike Mignola and Luka Rejec.

We are deep into playtesting, and I hope to be done well before Christmas. I had to create a whole new game server on Discord to manage things, but we’re getting there!

The cover will look sort of like this:

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One-Shot: “Drowning in Gold” (homebrew)

My daughter came home yesterday and immediately demanded we play D&D. Since the last campaign was over, I grabbed my notes for 13 Dungeons and had her roll up a character using my homebrew system. Three minutes later, she had created Faythe the Paladin. (She didn’t know what a paladin was, she just chose the abilities Heal, Holy Fire, and Duelist, which I think is a pretty good build for a paladin.)

The mystery of the stolen gold

Faythe wandered into the fishing village of Anglerhead and found two sailors from the Orca Delima accusing the local fishermen of stealing the gold from their ship. Our hero immediately intervened and offered to find the missing gold. The sailors gave her one day before they would destroy the town!

A merchant cog

Faythe began exploring the area. There was gold dust in the tidal pools on the coral beach! She also saw a little girl being chased by a huge steaming Kettle Crab. The paladin unleashed her Holy Fire and cooked the crab to death. The girl thanked her, said she knew nothing about the missing gold, but had heard some strange singing up near Dwindle Cliff.

The lighthouse

At the top of the cliff, Faythe found a small lighthouse. The creepy old lightkeeper invited her in, but Faythe declined. She snooped around outside, and fought off a Dire Pelican with her sword. The noise brought the old woman outside again. This time, she led Faythe to the edge of the cliff to show her the gold dust under the waves. Then she tried to shove Faythe to her doom. The paladin just barely grabbed the edge of the cliff and climbed back up. When the old woman attacked again, Faythe ran her through with her sword, and the woman fell into the sea. Back inside the lighthouse, Faythe found some silver coins, and obtained a magic lantern that could clear away a foggy sky.

Maybe not the Tower of Hercules lighthouse, but close

An insightful interlude

It was at this moment that my 9yo daughter turned to me and said, “I think I’m the villain. I just killed an old lady, and stole all her things. That’s villain stuff.” Then she laughed and continued the game.

Dangerous investigations

Through the dense fog, Faythe heard the sailors singing on the Orca Delima, and a woman singing near the Dwindle Cliff. The paladin climbed down to the beach, and then worked her way along the rocks. A huge wave almost drowned her, and smashed on the rocks. Then she spotted some stone stairs on the cliff, and the gold under the water. She dove into the sea and swam down into the glittering cave. Defying the powerful current and avoiding the deadly sharks and barnacles, she emerged in a flooded cave. She spotted thirteen mounds of gold, and one tentacled sea witch!


The witch attacked with stinging tentacles, but Faythe blasted her back with Holy Fire. Then the sea witch unleashed her magical song, but Faythe sang back at her, and overwhelmed her with holy music. With the sea witch weakened, Faythe grabbed the gold bricks from the Orca Delima and swam to safety. She returned the gold to the sailors and saved the village!

DM Notes

Another win for the homebrew system, we got a game started in just a couple minutes and had a great time. As always, I was excited to see how versatile and creative my little girl was in dealing with strange people, problems, and creatures. But most of all, I was impressed with her realization that her “heroic actions” were not so heroic!

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Homebrew Monster: Ravenwolf


I recently read a blog post by Patrick Stuart about how a classic D&D monster, the owlbear, doesn’t seem to embody any of the cool traits of either owls (silent fliers with super senses) or bears (honey-loving tree climbers). He goes on to reinvent the owlbear for his own game. But this inspired me to create my own monster for my Dungeon Age world of Harth, the Ravenwolf!


The ancient world of Harth is home to many strange and dangerous forces, not the least of which are the cosmic horrors known as the yugharim, the Immortal Dreamers, the Engines of Chaos. Their mere presence on Harth (and its moons) causes bizarre mutations such as the Ravenwolf.

Dreaded across the frozen tundras of Harth’s northern wastes, the ravenwolf is a pack-hunter with a child-like yet cruel intelligence. Rather than waste precious energy stalking their prey, they prepare elaborate ambushes tailored to the local wildlife. Which includes humans.

Physical description

A shaggy gray wolf with the sleek black-feathered head and wings of a raven. Their large black beaks can rend flesh and crack bone, but also gently manipulate delicate items and tools with great precision. Their keen vision can spot distant creatures and objects in great detail. They typically keep their wings folded to run through the woods, but will extend their wings for short glides to overcome difficult terrain or to cross treacherous ravines and icy creeks.

This… but blended into a wolf


Ravenwolves live and hunt in packs (1d6 + 3), never alone unless sick or injured. Their preferred hunting tactic is the ambush. They gather objects known to attract prey animals and then lie in wait all around the bait. A ravenwolf will use its Mimicry ability to call out, hoping to draw a target closer to the bait and the ambush.

When hunting humans, ravenwolves often assemble a pile of shiny objects including coins, gems, shards of glass, or polished metal scraps. When a human is spotted in the area, one ravenwolf will call out. Sometimes they mimic a human voice calling for help, or a baby crying, or even the sound of an injured animal. When the human approaches the pile of shiny objects, the ravenwolves all attack simultaneously. Some hunters will go low to sweep the legs, some go high to knock the target over, while others attack the limbs to immobilize weapons. The target is often torn to pieces in a matter of seconds.

Stat Block (5E)

RAVENWOLF: A wolf with the head and wings of a raven. Uses shiny objects or Mimicry to lure prey into ambushes.

Medium monstrosityACHPRun/Fly
unaligned132550 ft
12 (+1)14 (+2)12 (+0)10 (+0)12 (+1)6 (-2)

PACK TACTICS. The ravenwolf has advantage on attack rolls against a target if at least one ally is within 5 feet of the target.

MIMICRY. The ravenwolf can mimic sounds it has heard, such as a baby crying or animal calling.

BEAK. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (2d6) piercing damage. The target must succeed on a DC 13 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Stat Block (Old School)

RAVENWOLF: A wolf with the head and wings of a raven. Uses shiny objects or Mimicry to lure prey into ambushes.

Medium monstrosity. Unaligned. Save as Fighter 2.
HP 8. AC leather. Move 50. Attacks 1.

PACK TACTICS. The ravenwolf has advantage on attack rolls against a target if at least one ally is within 5 feet of the target.
MIMICRY. The ravenwolf can mimic sounds it has heard, such as a baby crying or animal calling.
BEAK. +2 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 3 (1d6) piercing damage. The target is knocked prone.

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