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TTRPG Poll: What should an adventure cost?

So I have a couple quick questions for you. Obviously, we all love free stuff. But if you had to assign a fair price to a (good) adventure module (PDF download, not in print), what would it be?

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Dungeon Age: Mid-Year Update

So… I have written and rewritten this introduction over and over, trying to find a helpful way to talk about what is going on in the world right now. But I don’t think I have anything new or clever to … Continue reading

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New Adventure: Acid Metal Howl

Hi everyone! This week I published a new D&D (5e) adventure module titled Dungeon Age: Acid Metal Howl. In the deep desert lies the dead city of Yumar, the source of countless bizarre rumors. Was it destroyed by a demonic … Continue reading

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…and we’re back!

Hey everybody, it’s me, your old buddy Joe, and I’m back with an all new blog because I hear blogs are… the hot new thing? Maybe? So this year, forget your grams and other units of measurement, and get back … Continue reading

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