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Carcassay: Now in physical form!

It took too long because I was being an obsessive perfectionist, but now it is here: Carcassay: Titan Rat City is a Lankhmar-esque (does that reference still work for most people?) city adventure full of bizarre factions and with built-in … Continue reading

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Orbital Vampire City is here!

The newest Dungeon Age adventure is now available on DriveThruRPG, and it’s a doozy. Orbital Vampire City is a mid-level (5 to 10) adventure provided in both 5E and OSE formats. Adventure Description Far out in the void, an ancient … Continue reading

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New Dungeon Age stuff coming soon…

So, my attempts to get all of my projects under control have been highly mediocre. As you may have noticed, I wrote and published an entire little one-shot that was most certainly not on the To-Do list. But that’s okay! … Continue reading

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Upcoming Dungeon Age adventures

I have fallen into a trap. I have started too many projects. The bad news is that this is slowing me down. The good news is that I’m going to finish all of them. Eventually. In no particular order, here … Continue reading

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TTRPG Poll: What should an adventure cost?

So I have a couple quick questions for you. Obviously, we all love free stuff. But if you had to assign a fair price to a (good) adventure module (PDF download, not in print), what would it be?

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Dungeon Age: Mid-Year Update

So… I have written and rewritten this introduction over and over, trying to find a helpful way to talk about what is going on in the world right now. But I don’t think I have anything new or clever to … Continue reading

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New Adventure: Acid Metal Howl

Hi everyone! This week I published a new D&D (5e) adventure module titled Dungeon Age: Acid Metal Howl. In the deep desert lies the dead city of Yumar, the source of countless bizarre rumors. Was it destroyed by a demonic … Continue reading

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…and we’re back!

Hey everybody, it’s me, your old buddy Joe, and I’m back with an all new blog because I hear blogs are… the hot new thing? Maybe? So this year, forget your grams and other units of measurement, and get back … Continue reading

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