Carcassay: Now in physical form!

It took too long because I was being an obsessive perfectionist, but now it is here:

Carcassay: Titan Rat City is a Lankhmar-esque (does that reference still work for most people?) city adventure full of bizarre factions and with built-in quest hooks in almost every location, plus three complete dungeons under the city. It’s 130 pages with classical paintings, original illustrations, and lots of maps. Creature stats are provided in the appendices for 5E, and Old School Essentials, and Into the Odd (Cairn).

The PDF is $10, and the softcover is $13, which also includes the PDF.

I think DriveThruRPG did a great job printing it. Every page is sharp, the art is beautiful in black-and-white, and it feels pretty good in hand. My pictures do not do it justice…but here are some pictures anyway.

It has contents!

And overview maps!

And nineteenth century paintings!

And maps of the regions outside the city!

And maps of the dungeons under the city!

And it has a back cover that looks suspiciously similar to the front cover!

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