Orbital Vampire City is here!

The newest Dungeon Age adventure is now available on DriveThruRPG, and it’s a doozy.

Orbital Vampire City is a mid-level (5 to 10) adventure provided in both 5E and OSE formats.

Adventure Description

Far out in the void, an ancient city of vampires endures. Welcome to Araveshti, a city of a thousand towers floating safely in the shadow of the world, glittering with starlight, thrumming with ancient magics, and crawling with vicious immortals.

Will you seek to destroy these bloodthirsty aristocrats? Or will you help them pursue their bizarre alchemical experiments in immortality? Or will you simply seek a way to escape their twisted and crumbling paradise?

Within these ancient towers, adventurers will find vampire lords and servants, zealots and goliaths, as well as werewolves, mycotic zombies, victims of strange experimentation, fanatical holy knights, tragic vampire hunters in black, shipwrecked dreamers, castaway aliens, metal angels, eldritch horrors, star dragons, and (of course) the vampires’ giant dragon-killing mecha suit…  

Adventure Features

This is a dark sandbox. Players will explore a vast city of undead people and monsters in outer space, full of homages to classic horror and science fiction films and literature. Like what, you ask? How about: Alien, Predator, The Thing, and Akira? You know, the good stuff.

With over 40 unique locations and countless more random locations, as well as 40+ new monsters and 100+ new magic items, and a bunch of weird factions and interactive gizmos curtesy of the vampire alchemists, your players should have plenty to do.

Check out Orbital Vampire City on DriveThruRPG.

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