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Review: Elric: The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (Moorcock)

Elric, rebel sorcerer and albino outcast, would-be emperor and reluctant servant of Chaos, continues his wayward journey across his strange world, trying to learn new virtues and ideas of justice before he returns home to take his rightful place on … Continue reading

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Dungeon Age short story: “Paladin”

(This is story #4. Previous: “Ghost“. Next: “Outlaw“.) “We’re all gonna die!” Amos grabbed the young soldier and hauled him back toward the flickering torch. “No, we’re not. Now run, for Gideon’s sake!” The soldier scrambled back up the steep … Continue reading

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Review: Elric: The Fortress of the Pearl (Moorcock)

Having conquered his upstart cousin and acquired the soul-devouring sword Stormbringer, young emperor Elric sets out to explore the world to learn wisdom and justice so he can transform his people from amoral decadents into virtuous paragons. But his journey … Continue reading

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