Now on Kickstarter: Nightmare over Ragged Hollow

A year ago, I was approached by the extremely talented publishing team The Merry Mushmen (Olivier Revenu and Eric Nieudan, of KNOCK! reknown) about creating a prestige remastered edition of one of my adventures. So naturally, I said yes.

And now it’s on Kickstarter!

The original Ragged Hollow Nightmare was a classic starter village for low-level characters. It lets you play all the classic tropes (witches and goblin markets in the forest, bandits in the hills, a dwarf tomb on the mountain, even spiders in the cellar, a mansion full of traps, factions, rivals) with a bit of a twist. And also there is a big scary dungeon in the middle of town.

Well, this new version, Nightmare over Ragged Hollow, is that same adventure re-formatted for Old School Essentials. Plus all-new encounters in the wilderness and new random encounter tables. Plus shiny new maps by the skillful Rob Matthews. Plus amazing illustrations by the dazzling Li-An.

If you like nice things, then I strongly encourage you to check this out!

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