Wicked Little Delves, vol 3

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These are three one-shot dungeon delves. Each delve features nine rooms or locations full of challenges and interactivity (for a total of 27). Each delve has only one type of monster, but they are complex, and there are lots of them!

This volume of Wicked Little Delves includes three small dungeon adventures:

  1. a tunnel complex full of dragons trying to eat each other,
  2. a desert palace of sorcerous mummies trying to restore life to the wasteland, and 
  3. an ancient cathedral where zealots of Chaos try to summon unspeakable terrors from beyond the stars.

SYSTEM: Each monster has stats for Fifth Edition, Old School Essentials, and Into the Odd.

These adventures are intended for characters at levels 7, 8, and 9.

  • They are mainly focused on exploration and combat, with some minor social encounters.
  • Estimated run time for each: 1 session, or 2-5 hours.
  • Each adventure includes one complex original monster and a variety of unique treasures.

I hope you’ll check out Wicked Little Delves, vol 3.

Here is Volume 1.

And here is Volume 2.

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