Coming soon: Star Dragon Rage

So. Last winter, in the middle of my campaign Witches of Frostwell, and its probably-never-to-be-published sequel, Fangs of Vulgoth, I also wrote another campaign… Star Dragon Rage. I put this last one on the shelf until there was a chance to playtest. Then edit. And illustrate. And now it is done!

I know, I know, I’m still wrapping up the playtesting on 13 Weird One-Shots, that’s coming. Soon. Just not as soon as this:

What is it? Exactly?

Star Dragon Rage is for low-to-mid Tier play. So you can start at Level 1 and continue up past Level 5. You start in the quaint little village of Kettle on the shores of a burning hot lake, doing helpful little quests for the locals and slowly improving the village itself. Then you discover a massive cave system under the village, with another village, and a decadent dying city, and a nether-city, and more caves… It’s a lot. Plus, it is designed to be recursive. Players are rewarded for going back and “finding all the things”.

For instance, if you find the village smith’s master tools, then he can make you any regular weapon or armor. If you bring him exotic materials, then he can make exotic magical items. There’s a nun who makes magical broth from bones, so you might want to keep bringing her the bones of the things you kill. There are mutants, plague victims, dragon worshippers, blind opera singers, snail racers, undead knights, insane cultists, and angry teens.

Plus dragons. Space dragons. With solar-sail wings and laser-eye-gems. And they are miffed.

Coming very soon!

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