New adventure “Star Dragon Rage” now on DTRPG

As promised, here it is:

Star Dragon Rage is a new 5e campaign for low-level (or Tier 1) play.

Adventurers begin in the lovely little village of Kettle, where the problems seem fairly mundane and manageable. Although the lake is very hot. And there is some very large wildlife. But then the cemetery erupts! People and creatures from a vast subterranean realm come flooding up from below, telling tales of an ancient metropolis buried beneath the lake, full of riches and magical treasures… and full of mad mutants and raging dragons, which are also coming up!

Unless the adventurers do something about it, of course.

Teasers: Mutant nobles, snail racing, living saints, sad wizards, dragon worshippers, doomsday triggers, tombs full of traps, mechanical refugees, and angry teens! Oh yeah, and dragons from outer space.

Product details:

  • 60 pages of three-column content
  • Over 50 detailed locations, including a quaint village and wilderness, and then the underground village, the ancient dying city, its gloomy and mysterious under-city, and the variously dusty and volcanic caves around them
  • Over 50 original creatures and stat blocks
  • Dozens of original treasures and magic items
  • Overview maps of each area
  • Minor illustrations


How long does this play?

If you try to run through this in a linear style, then maybe 6-8 sessions. But the campaign is designed to reward recursive exploration, like a Metroidvania-style game. You can “unlock” features and items! For players who want to “find all the things”, expect about 20 sessions or more.

How was the playtesting?

Fantastic! The players loved getting to know the village of Kettle, and then discovering the vast regions underground. In fact, the playtesters got so involved in trying to help everyone they met, that the campaign ran very, very long.

Is this campaign only formatted for 5e?

Yes. Usually my adventures come in both a modern and an old-school version. But this one will not. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed with projects right now and I need to move forward. Thank you for understanding!

Check out Star Dragon Rage on DriveThruRPG

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