I’m working on a big thing: 13 Weird One-Shots

I didn’t mean to write a Big Thing, but I did. Actually, it’s a bunch of little things masquerading as a Big Thing…

It is a collection of 13 one-shots for low-level (3) play. Each one has been expertly crushed down to fit on just two (!) pages (plus a page of treasure and 1-2 pages of monster stats), and they each play for 2-4 hours. You can run them as one-shots, or drop them into your campaign as side-quests. Quick and easy to run, zero prep, lots of weird.

Each adventure has at least 7 encounters, with NPCs, traps, treasures, etc. There are over 60 original magic items and weapons, and about 70 original monsters. There are also Saintly Shrines, Eldritch Altars, and Weirding Waters. (What are those? You’ll find out…)

It will be in two formats, for Old School Essentials (OSE) and for Fifth Edition (5E).

Plus, it has illustrations. By me. Like this Frostback Gorilla:

It felt great to be drawing again. I think recent influences include Mike Mignola and Luka Rejec.

We are deep into playtesting, and I hope to be done well before Christmas. I had to create a whole new game server on Discord to manage things, but we’re getting there!

The cover will look sort of like this:

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