New Supplement: Recurring Fantasy NPCs!

Hi everyone! This week I published a new RPG supplement for your campaign (any system!). It’s a handy little collection of recurring Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that you can drop into your world to spice things up. Each NPC is designed to provide multiple encounters, many of which evolve over time, and some present unique items to your heroes. And it’s free!

(Actually, it’s pay-what-you-want, but I mostly want to see your feedback in the reviews.)

The supplement contains twelve (12!) characters drawn from the world of Dungeon Age. Each one is laid out on a single page, and includes all the details you need to slip them into your game: locations, appearance, personality, abilities, story function, and encounters, as well as treasure!

Here’s a quick list of those characters:

  • Dying cursed soldier
  • Mutating warrior nun
  • Thieving mercenary twins
  • Eldritch horror worshiper
  • Tiny hummingbird rider
  • Unfriendly celestial warlock
  • Magical praying mantis
  • Two romantic mole-snakes
  • Influential warrior bard
  • Shapeshifting mother
  • Unlucky wizard from the past
  • Possessed doll detective

Again, the PDF is pay-what-you-want, and should be compatible with any D&D-style system, so go check it out. Or don’t. Your call. I respect that.

Recurring Fantasy NPCs

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