New Adventure: Ragged Hollow Nightmare

Hi everyone! This week I published a new D&D (5e and OSR) adventure module titled Dungeon Age: Ragged Hollow Nightmare.

Yesterday, young Tobias went to investigate an old tomb by himself. Everyone told him it was a bad idea. Everyone was right. Today, you and your companions awaken to a town in chaos. Why is the temple sealed behind a divine shield? Why are children and worshipers trapped within? How do we get inside? What did Tobias do?!

This is my first “classic” starting town. There is a central adventure (temple dungeon), but the town and surrounding wilderness also provide a small sandbox full of hooks for side-quests and mini-dungeons. I love low-level play, so I wanted to cram this starting town full of content for newbies and nostalgia-lovers alike.

There are goblins and witches in the woods, a house full of traps, a basement of vermin, kobolds in a cave, bandits on the road, riddling ravens, a 50-room temple dungeon, nursery-rhyme monsters, living nightmares, Lovecraftian horrors, and tons of unique items to find.

The preview shows you the first 15 of 47 pages, it’s available in both 5e and OSR versions, and it’s only $5.00, so go check it out. Or don’t. Your call. I respect that.

Ragged Hollow Nightmare

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