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Homebrew Monster: Mycotic Zombie and Mycotic Sprawl

Introduction I like mushrooms. They look cool, and have cool names like Destroying Angel, and are part of a completely unique Kingdom of lifeforms. I like that there is a giant mushroom under Eastern Oregon that is 8,000 years old … Continue reading

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To Hunt the Stars: Session #3

The adventure continues!┬áLast time, our heroes went diving for tongs in a boiling lake, went apple-picking in a twisted orchard, and lost two friends to a voracious meadowshark and a pack of talon-dashers… Play time: 4 hours Adventurers: Altair the Clockwork … Continue reading

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Session Report: Grave Titan Harvest #2

We continue right where we left off in Grave Titan Harvest, somewhere deep underground where miners, books, and wizards have all gone missing. Can our heroes save the miners? Will they exchange all the books? Or will they be eaten … Continue reading

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