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D&D Experiment: Faster combat by skipping the monsters

I run a 5E campaign, and while I really like to create monsters and combat scenarios for my players, I don’t like dealing with monster stat blocks or adjudicating all the rules and rolls that happen during a combat encounter. … Continue reading

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Fangs of Vulgoth: Lessons Learned

This last campaign ran for 17 sessions over about 6 months, from level 5 to the end of level 7. We started with 5 players and ended with 6! No one died, though we came close a bunch of times. … Continue reading

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Homebrew: How to beat 5E’s CR and design better monsters

I’m running a Fifth Edition campaign (see “Nemesis Queens”), and we are having a lot of fun. But as the DM, I am struggling more and more to run combat. The players are all level 6 now, so they have … Continue reading

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