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Witches of Frostwyck: Session #1

A new adventure begins! Five strangers meet under miserable circumstances, which only get worse and weirder. Witches of Frostwyck is my new campaign featuring Slavic mythology and folklore, focusing on survival, suspense, mystery, and a teensy bit of horror. Our … Continue reading

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Homebrew: New fighter subclass for 5e: Grove Knight

I really like rangers, in theory. But like many folks, I have found the published ranger designs for 5e to be a bit… off? Some say weak or unbalanced, some say ineffective or irrelevant to actual campaign styles. Whatever it … Continue reading

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Rune Knight (version 2.0)

Wizards of the Coast recently released new D&D playtest material (“Unearthed Arcana”) that included a “Rune Knight”. I really liked this concept, but I wasn’t terribly excited about the options and design flavor that they came up with. Their version … Continue reading

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