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Homebrew: How to beat 5E’s CR and design better monsters

I’m running a Fifth Edition campaign (see “Nemesis Queens”), and we are having a lot of fun. But as the DM, I am struggling more and more to run combat. The players are all level 6 now, so they have … Continue reading

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Fangs of Vulgoth: Session #10

The adventure continues! Last time, our heroes returned south, crossed a deadly stream of icy rocks, dug a medium hole, and fought a pitched battle against two deadly Apex Werewolves before discovering the ancient cave of the Wyld Altar, where Ward … Continue reading

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Quest for the Forest Gems: Session #1

My youngest daughter loves to play one-on-one D&D with me (she also likes playing with the rest of the family, but we do that less often). This week we started a mini campaign together. She wanted to try playing a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new site

It probably looks a lot like the old site. But it will change eventually. For right now, I’ve moved all the posts over from the old site, so everything is here. Why the change? Because it’s time for some spring … Continue reading

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