PWYW Fantasy and SciFi books!

As some of you have noticed, I have started to make my books available on new sites, including DriveThruFiction. This is a great platform where you can get my books in both Epub and Mobi (Kindle) formats. And I have also made a bunch of titles Pay What You Want (PWYW), which means you can buy them for free (just put a zero in the price box) or pay whatever amount you wish. Here are those PWYW titles:

Elf Saga: Doomsday (Book 1 of 4)

This is not your typical epic fantasy. When Jenavelle learns that the world is about to end, she must assemble the greatest warrior women from five different nations to stop the dragon apocalypse and restore the balance of nature before time runs out. But then Jena finds out that she’s adopted, and that’s when things get really weird.

Explore a world of sword and sorcery that’s as classic as it is funny with JENAVELLE, a knight who’s sick and tired of epic fantasy clichés, AMINA, a warrior princess with a fondness for romance and swashbuckling pirates, NIYA, a hard-drinking mercenary who really hates faeries, TOMOE, a samurai shaman who is struggling with her recent resurrection, and LOZEN, a beautiful hunter whose hobbies include fine cuisine, high fashion, and excessive violence.

Angels and Djinn: Raziel’s Shadow (Book 1 of 3)

The young falconer Zerai thought he was a long-lost prince. He thought he would be granted supernatural powers to slay an army of demons. He thought he would reclaim his grandfather’s empire. He thought wrong.

After years of living in the wilderness with other orphans, hiding from killer mercenaries and monsters, Zerai has lost all of his friends, leaving him alone on a quest to save his country. But even after he joins a company of legendary warriors and seers from the east, his chances of success seem bleak against the vast southern armies, packs of bloodthirsty ghuls, and huge fiery ifrits that have claimed his homeland.

Zelda Pryce: The Razor’s Edge (Book 1 of 3)

Girl genius Zelda Pryce uses the arcane arts to invent beautiful machines, devices that defy explanation with the power to make her invisible and even let her fly like a superhero. 

They also let her to break into homes, banks, and museums with ease. But she’s no thief. She’s a security expert. After successfully burgling the Smithsonian, Zelda is hired to test the alarms at the British Museum in London using her copper wings and ingenious cloak. And that’s where everything goes wrong.

Space Opera

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