Dungeon Age: A list of mutations

The following D&D (5e) game content can be found in the adventure Dungeon Age: Acid Metal Howl.

If you find yourself in the dead city of Yumar, don’t wake the green lady. And if you do wake her, stay away. Do not approach her, or speak to her, or listen to her. And definitely, absolutely, never EVER touch her.

If you touch the green lady, you will be changed forever, and you may not care for her “gifts”…

Mutations (roll 1d8)

  1. You grow three additional eyes in a ring around your head. Gain advantage on sight-based Perception checks.
  2. Your right arm swells into a gorilla’s arm, muscular and hairy. Gain +2 STR.
  3. You grow a 3-foot-long green lizard tail. If cut off, it regrows in 1d6 days.
  4. Your leg joints reverse, like bird legs. Your walking speed increases by 10, and you can jump up to 20 feet, but you cannot sit on chairs, benches, or stools ever again.
  5. Your hair becomes a thick mass of feathers that change color randomly every morning.
  6. Your left hand becomes a golden viper’s head. Your unarmed strike now deals 1d6 poison damage. Also, your snake-hand hisses when you hear someone tell a lie.
  7. Your ears become enormous hairy bat-ears. You are vulnerable to thunder damage, but you gain blindsight.
  8. Large sunflowers blossom around your neck and on your scalp. It is painless to remove them, but they regrow within 1d6 days. The seeds are very nutritious
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