Dungeon Age: A list of magic tattoos

The following D&D (5e) game content can be found in the adventure Dungeon Age: Acid Metal Howl.

If you seek wealth, power, or knowledge in the dead city of Yumar, you may discover the tattooing paraphernalia of the people who still live there. The needle seems simple enough, but the ink is clearly magical.

By all means, give yourself or a companion a tattoo, but don’t be too surprised when it doesn’t turn out the way you expected…

Magic tattoos

Each tattoo consumes one vial of ink. Regardless of how it is applied, the ink flows to a place and shape of its own choosing. Roll 1d10 for the outcome.

  1. A butterfly on the side of the neck. You are resistant to falling damage.
  2. A skull on the left palm. Your touch with that hand deals 1d4 necrotic damage. Always.
  3. Leafy vines around the scalp. You are resistant to psychic damage.
  4. A rose on the buttock. You are immune to disease and the poisoned condition.
  5. A snake coiled around the throat. You are resistant to poison damage.
  6. A phoenix over the heart. Once per day you can cast Burning Hands at first level.
  7. A newborn baby on the arm. When you roll hit dice to heal, double the value rolled for accelerated healing.
  8. Flames around the left eye. If you can see a creature, you can tell if it is undead.
  9. Bones around the right wrist. An illusion makes your right hand appear skeletal. Always.
  10. A scarab on the left cheek. You can consume any chewable material as nutritious food, such as earth and sticks. Tastes awful.
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