Dungeon Age: A list of nightmares

The following D&D (5e) game content can be found in the adventure Dungeon Age: Acid Metal Howl.

Don’t sleep too close to the strange metal sphere in the center of the dead city of Yumar, or you will have a nightmare. Maybe more than one.

Hopefully, they are just nightmares and not portents of things to come…

Nightmares (roll 1d10)

  1. You are bound to the ground. Green sprouts emerge from your skin and mouth, and blossom into red roses as you choke and scream.
  2. You are walking down a deserted street. Pain lances through your back and legs, and you fall prone. Your flesh shrivels, grays, and turns to dust.
  3. You are running through the desert. A dust storm roars up and engulfs you from behind, as the sand flays your skin from your bones.
  4. You are lying in your childhood bed. Countless arms and legs erupt from your torso, flailing wildly. You lie screaming, unable to control your limbs.
  5. You try to scratch an itch on your face, and you hand falls off, turns into a spider, and runs away. Your entire body crumbles into fleeing spiders.
  6. You are lying on a table in a kitchen. Small children break off clumps of your body and eat them, one by one. You scream. They giggle hysterically.
  7. A crowd of elderly people press close to you, pawing at you, moaning, crushing you. Your arms dangle lifelessly. You yell but have no voice. Frail hands smother your face.
  8. You curl up on the ground. Your arms harden into thin claws. Your eyes enlarge and tongue lolls on your chest. Huge flaps of skin unfold from your back and lift you into the air.
  9. You take two steps forward and collapse, falling flat on your face. Your entire body is boneless. In boiling pain, you crawl across the floor as a mass of sobbing, shapeless flesh.
  10. You stand in darkness. A woman’s broken voice begs you to save her, to save her from the dwarves, to kill the dwarves! All she wants is quiet and peace, and a green garden to dream in. She calls herself Zenobia.
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