New novella: Lawless Rogues

I still write stories! Lawless Rogues (Amazon | DriveThruFiction) is a novella containing six short stories about, well, you’ll see below the cover…

The ancient world of Harth withers beneath a dying sun…but it’s not dead yet. In the foul streets of Carcassay, all manners of merchants and thieves, mercenaries and assassins, magicians and alchemists, clerics and zealots, and tomb raiders carry on the business of the day. This novella features six tales about two of the more fascinating rogues stirring up a bit of chaos in the City of the Rat.

Bazil Mink, a weary occultist from a brutal theocracy, carries hundreds of magical trinkets that he has purchased, found, or stolen all over the world. With these strange and dangerous items, he does whatever odd jobs he can find to pay the bills.

Sarajel Solongo, a skilled assassin from a decadent queendom, enjoys the arts as much as killing her targets and manipulating global politics. She too uses bizarre magical tools and weapons, some taken from her own body, to serve her Domina.

Journey to a world inspired by the stunning works of Jack Vance, nestled between the borders of Tolkien’s high fantasy, Howard’s and Moorcock’s sword and sorcery, and Lovecraft’s eldritch horror. A world of scheming dragons that burst from the ground, mad vampires who fall from the stars, and lost civilizations buried under the corpses of titans.

Lawless Rogues on Amazon

Lawless Rogues on DriveThruFiction

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