Poll: A new stat block

This is a thought experiment, just an exercise. For no particular reason.

Imagine for a second that an adventure said “Armor” instead of “AC”. Or that is said “Health” instead of “HP”. That’s easy enough…

Now. Imagine you’re a 5E player used to using six stats and saves. What if the stat block said “Body +2 // Mind -1”. Could you use that +2 for Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution? Could you use that -1 for Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma?

Now. Imagine you’re an OSE or BX player used to five slightly different saves. What if the stat block just said one number, the average number?

What if a stat block looked like…

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Poll: A new stat block

  1. Ruprecht says:

    I don’t play 5E but I’ve always wondered, do the monsters really need STR, DEX, etc values? Mush that down to a bonus to hit, or a bonus to stealth and be done with it. Could be 100% compatible, simpler, and avoid the copyrighty bits.

    You could also dump Piercing as that is obvious and not used in the rules very much except immunities from what i can tell.

    • Ruprecht says:

      I realize you kind of did some of that with Body/Mind. I’m just saying you almost get the same stat block for classic and not if you change that to To Hit Bonus.

      I also notice the classic doesn’t list HD so how would you determine the attack? That could be blended into the bonus (depending upon the rules). Just spitballing, I’m not sure I’m being all that clear. If not ignore my comments.

      I really appreciate the concept of a more unified stat block and wish someone would have done this a decade ago.

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