Wayward Magicians

I have a couple of books set in the Dungeon Age world of Harth, and the most recent one was Wayward Magicians. It’s technically a sequel, but you don’t need to read the first one. Which is convenient. Because I think Wayward Magicians is pretty darn good. And I just updated it.

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When I first began creating the dying world of Harth, I had a lot of undeveloped ideas. But those ideas continued to evolve as I published more stories and more RPG adventures. And now I have a much clearer idea of this Dying Earth, Hollow World, Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. So now we have a new edition of Wayward Magicians to explore those ideas.

What’s it about?

Wayward Magicians is about a woman named Ziva who used to be an elderly holy cleric and is now a young magician possessed by demonic ichor (that talks to her). It is also about a man named Malachi Draas who once tried to open a portal into the “world below” and accidentally released a horde of city-devouring demons, making him the most wanted criminal of the desert cities. Ziva and Malachi don’t like or trust each other, but together they venture down into Harth to stop the demons and discover some of the strange history of their geriatric world.

What’s in it?

  • Hungry lizards
  • Chaos witches who don’t understand why people fear them
  • Sad ghosts
  • Zealous paladins betrayed by their insane metal angels
  • Dreamwalking highwaymen
  • The Sijin dream-folk, who sleep among corpses to visit the dreams of the dead
  • The Arbaj tree-folk, who are definitely not elves
  • The Vrahoi stone-folk, who are definitely not dwarves
  • Giant ride-able bats
  • The Kadav corpse-folk, who are quite delicate
  • Psychic Chaos wyrms
  • Tentacled women from the end of time
  • Talking dragons who play with their food
  • Fire-belching snails

Why am I revising and pushing it?

I’ve published 27 novels. Some are decent. I think this one might be Good. The writing is tight and evocative. Different chapters are from different points of view, but always moving the main story along. It’s got a little Howard pulp and a little Moorcock acid in it. It’s weird and tragic and silly. And the best part: the chapters are short!

Where is it?

You can get Wayward Magicians on Amazon (for Kindle, $3) or on DriveThruFiction (in multiple formats, Pay What You Want).

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