Quest for the Forest Gems: Session #5

Can’t stop, won’t stop. My daughter insisted we complete her campaign!

Play time: 1 hour

Characters: Rose the Druid (2)

Homeward Bound

Rose the Druid slept the night in Fang Castle, and in the morning Bella made pancakes. With the Red Gem in hand, Rose set out into the forest. She quickly spotted a wolf, but it didn’t try to approach. Instead, it followed her all the way back to the Heart of the Forest where she found her friends waiting for her. Together they befriended the wolf and Rose restored the gem to the Great Tree. One gem to go!

Webs and Thorns

Rose headed west into the Old Forest to find the Thorn Castle. The trees grew closer and darker. Spiderwebs filled the branches. Sounds of footsteps pattered in the darkness, along with tiny giggles, but she ignored it. When webs blocked the path, she used her magic candle to burn them away.

Burn, baby, burn

Soon she arrived at a massive maze of thorns. Rose transformed into an eagle and carried Mittens of the maze. But a giant violet dragon swooped down at them! Rose dove through an open window into the castle and the dragon roared outside. 

Magic Mystery

Back in human form, Rose explored a dining hall full of sleeping nobles. She detected a magic spell at work, and found a wisp of magic smoke under the table. The smoke tried to put her to sleep, but she trapped it in her hand. Rose followed the smoke upstairs to a bedroom where a woman was sleeping, the Purple Gem in her hands.

Just then the dragon burst through the window and transformed into a tall woman, the witch queen Malice! She challenged Rose to a duel. Malice unleashed fire and thorns. Rose captured the thorns and hurled them back at Malice with ice, freezing and wounding her. Malice surrendered.

Rose claimed the Purple Gem and the sleeping princess awoke, but she was still tired and went back to sleep. After checking on the waking people downstairs, Rose flew back to the Heart of the Forest and restored the fifth gem. The forest was saved!

DM Notes

The little one struggled a bit staying focused and deciding what to do, but I stayed quiet and patient and eventually she came up with a solution to every problem.

The best part of this little campaign, beyond watching my daughter display some dazzling creativity, was seeing her genuine enthusiasm. Night after night she came downstairs with her dice bag, demanding that we play D&D! So I am very much looking forward to adventuring with her next characters and exploring new worlds with her.

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