Recap: Twitch Writes a Fantasy Book, Episode 1

*** SPOILERS ***

I don’t know why I put “spoilers” up there. I guess in case you don’t want to know what Twitch commanded me to write for them last night. In which case, I’m not totally sure why you’re here. I mean, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, here’s the episode:

Twitch Writes a Fantasy Book (sort of) - Episode 1

And here’s the recap:

We talked for about an hour about Big Picture decisions for the forth-coming fantasy book and we ran 4 polls to make 4 key decisions:

  • Genre: Mythic fantasy
  • Plot: Voyage and Return
  • Tone / Style: Minimalist
  • Voice / Tense: Third person, past tense

We had a lot of fun talking about what we might do, and what I’m definitely not doing (I’m looking at you, “Rags to Riches”), and trying to get each other to vote for our favorites. I had no favorites. Naturally. I’m impartial. I have no partials.

I’m very down with this setup. We’re going to send a Mythic Hero on a journey, not a quest, but a voyage to a strange land, sort of like Alice in Wonderland or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. And apparently, I will be writing it in a minimal, terse, Hemingway-esque manner. So… that’s the plan!

Join us next week, Monday July 1, at 9:00pm EST for Episode 2, where we will design our Mythic Hero, with a whole pile of polls to determine their age, gender, appearance, source of mythic power, desires, flaws, and sidekicks! It’s going to be a lot.

See you then!

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