Quest for the Forest Gems: Session #4

Night after night, my daughter comes to me with her jingling bag of dice, demanding more adventure!

Play time: 1 hour

Characters: Rose the Druid (2)

Beetles and Treasures

Rose the Druid set off from the shores of the Mirror Lake toward Fang Castle high in the mountains. Along the way, Mittens the Jaguar smelled something strange in the woods, so they went to investigate. A rustling in the bushes alerted them to a creature, so Rose transformed into a lion.


A giant Unicorn Beetle skittered out of the bushes, and Rose smashed it with her paw, and claimed its magic horn. Then they found a chest half-buried in the ground. Rose smashed the side of the old chest open and pulled out a magic candle that lit itself whenever she held it. Huzzah!

Howling in the Night

Back on the path, she quickly climbed up into the dusty mountains and found Fang Castle. Wolves began howling in the trees. She rushed inside and found the castle dark and deserted, except for a light upstairs. Wolves howled in the courtyard. Rose climbed the stairs and heard something growling above her. Scared of the wolves, she transformed into an eagle and flew out a window with Mittens. They flew up to a lit window and found a woman reading. Inside, they met Bella, who said she was a pirsoner of the werewolf Bastion. 

Awoooo! Now read me a story!

The werewolf burst into the room and told Rose she was his prisoner and now she must read him books! Instead she stabbed him with the magic unicorn beetle horn and he transformed back into a normal human. Rose healed his wound so he wouldn’t die, and then she took the Red Gem from his sleeping body. Success!

DM Notes

My daughter was on top of her game this time, with lots of clever solutions and an adventurous spirit!

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