Quest for the Forest Gems: Session #2

My daughter and I have played a lot of D&D this spring, but somehow we forgot about her solo quest, so today we got back in the saddle!

Play time: 1 hour

Characters: Rose the Druid (2)

Prowling the Woods

After rescuing her friend and saving the first Forest Gem, Rose transformed into a wolf and sped stealthily through the woods toward the Lonely Tower. Along the way, she spotted a strange little man out in the bushes, but decided to stay focused on her task.

The Lonely Tower

Soon she arrived at the edge of a wide meadow, with a tall white tower in its center. A humming sound came from the open window at the top. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone nearby. She ran up to the tower and inspected the ivy and moss growing on it. The moss was safe and good for making tea, but the ivy was poison!

Just then, a witch came running out of the woods, yelling at Rose to get away from the tower!

Rose quickly froze the witch’s arm with an Ice Knife, but the witch fought back with a Fire Bolt. Luckily, Rose’s companion Mittens the Jaguar came roaring up and clawed the witch’s back. Screaming with rage, the witch turned into a black moth and flew into the forest.

Let Down That Hair!

Rose called out to the tower and a girl called down. It was Rapunzel! After a quick discussion, Rapunzel let down her golden braids for Rose to climb up. But Rose was a weak climber, and she was only half up when the witch returned!

The witch ran out of the woods and hurled a fireball at Rose, but Rose was too quick and slid back down to the ground safely. Then Rose used her druid powers to turn into a (small) red dragon and breathed scorching pink flames on the witch. The old crone barely survived and turned into a black snake to escape. But Rose breathed pink fire on her again, and the witch was defeated!

Get the Gem!

Rose transformed into an owl and flew up to Rapunzel’s window. She inspected the room and discovered the Green Forest Gem hanging over a little garden. Rapunzel was happy to be leaving the tower, but wanted to keep the Gem to help her survive out in the world. Rose convinced her that the Gem was needed to save the forest, and traded her a gold nugget (from the dwarven mine) for the Gem.

She then turned back into a little dragon and carried Rapunzel down to the meadow, and the friends said goodbye. Lastly, Rose inspected the body of the witch and found an enchanted hat, a broken watch, three gold coins, and a ruby ring of fire!

And that’s where we ended.

DM Notes

This was a fast and fun session. My daughter was very creative and proactive, as well as logical and sensible. It’s so cool to essentially watch your kid display all of her cognitive and social skills evolving so quickly as she grows up. So there it is, everyone should play more fantasy RPGs with their kids!

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